5 Health Benefits Of Recliner Chairs

Recliner Chairs

Lots of people think of recliner chairs and just think of the ‘lazy boy’ label. In reality recliners are comfortable and provide relief from a number of ailments. 1.       Eases back pain Recliners allow you to lie back, taking pressure off your spine. Sitting takes the weight off your legs, reducing pressure on your spine […]

The Eco-Friendly Way To Upgrade Your Furniture

Way To Upgrade Your Furniture

Everyone gets a bit restless with their furniture every now and again. If you’re itching to buy a new coffee table, think before you mindlessly browse the furniture shops. Although eco-friendly initiatives may be seen as time consuming and expensive, this is far from being the case. Plus, any effort which is invested in eco-friendly […]

Three Must-Have Summer Accessories For Your Living Room

Summer Accessories For Your Living Room

We can all become a bit restless with our interiors and decor. As a month of change – with holidays, school holidays, weddings and christenings – this restlessness can become even more apparent throughout the summer months. We have suggested a few simple, inexpensive ways to make your living room feel a bit more summery. […]

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